A Nice New Website

Hello everyone. I do hope this finds you well. Thanks for coming to admire my nice new website. Basically, I had a good long chat earlier today with a friend of mine who said "Your website is good, but it looks about ten years old. It looks like something I could've made when I was 14." Now, when I was 14 I was regularly attending sleepovers in my mate Ben's garage where we'd play Mario Party and drink Hooch and take all our clothes off, and then our mate Sam would teach us how to masturbate, which I think just goes to show how different an upbringing I had from this friend I spoke to this morning. Nonetheless, she was right - much as I had grown attached to that old website, it didn't look clean and swish like this new one. So, welcome. I hope this will provide you with all your Joz Norris-related needs. For one thing, I'm able to include more interesting and diverse content in my News posts. Don't believe me? Then watch THIS:














I'm hoping to keep this website a less cluttered place, so it won't be an absolute record of EVERYTHING I've done, but the Videos page will be kept updated with some of the highlights of my new videos, and for a complete list you can subscribe to my Youtube channel. And lots of new content will be put here to keep you all up to date on everything.

While I'm here, because it's been a long time since I made a News update on the old website anyway, I may as well give a bit of information about some other new ventures. Most of you are probably already aware of the What Not Podcast, a more-or-less-weekly podcast project from myself and Karl Schultz in which we just sit in an inappropriately fancy studio and talk about our lives. I'm basically an idiot child/white empiricist and Karl is a psychopath/3rd culture fantasist, and I tell embarrassing stories about myself and Karl laughs at me. In the latest episode we raised a hypothetical child together to see if it would end up being maladjusted. Here's the trailer for the next episode:

Finally, in mid-May I will be filming for an exciting new project called "Punchlines," a TV panel show that pits two comedians against each other for the honour of being crowned "Funniest Comedian." I will be the host of the show, so get to generally belittle the contestants and set them impossible challenges then sit in my trailer waiting for it all to blow over. It's a student project so won't be on your TV screens sadly, but it'll be online so I'll keep things updated here with more news on it. I think that's everything for now - hope you all enjoy the new website!

Joz x