Punchlines - That's a Wrap

Posted May 11th 2013


Well, that's that. After a few months of hard work from a team of young producers, and two days of messing around from me and two other comedians, "Punchlines" is finished (except for post-production, which I know nothing about, so won't comment on). I had good fun sampling the exciting and glamourous life of the high-profile TV star. Here I am eating scotch eggs in my dressing room and living the high life:

I won't spoil the tension and excitement of watching the final version by telling you here which of our two funny-man contenders, John Bond and David Seymour, went home with the champion's belt, you'll just have to watch the show when it's ready. Working on a TV studio production is certainly an odd experience, as the way the mind of a studio audience works is entirely different to the way the mind of the audience at a live comedy show works, so it's necessary to approach them in a different way in order to open them out. But it was a fascinating day and one I learned a lot from and really enjoyed - hopefully it'll be the first of more episodes to come if Punchlines ever makes a return! I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone involved for inviting me to part of such a fun show, particularly Sam the producer for first conceiving the show around me, which was immensely flattering - I hope I have done justice to his initial vision! Finally, I have no idea if this line will make the final edit, but here's a tease of what you might see in the finished episode:

"A picture can get halfway around the world before the truth has got its clogs on, but a lie will break your heart."

I Did The Brighton Fringe By Accident

Posted May 8th 2013


I did a gig on Saturday that turned out to be part of the Brighton Fringe, without my realising it. I've always felt it would be nice to do the Brighton Fringe, so I thought it was worthy of record that I did it by mistake, as I'm rather proud to have been involved. I met a bunch of clowns (who are all excellent, and not a red nose to be seen, much to my uncle's confusion when I tried to explain it to him over a plate of Coronation Chicken, because he has a very specific understanding of what the word "clown" means), and, due to the fortuitous last-minute dropping out of the flaky and unreliable Richard Todd (he's excellent, Google him), was lucky enough to be a part of the Clown Town Cabaret Show at Komedia in Brighton. I messed around as Mr Gumbo, my show's new character, and generally had a delightful time being silly and watching others be silly too. On a related note, the Lost Cabaret is an excellent night of clowning and sketches and characters and general madness that runs every Friday at the Priory Arms in Stockwell - it's run by some of the acts from Saturday and is one of my new favourite places to go. Do come on down some time to enjoy it, it's gloriously daft. Here's a little sneak preview of some of what went down on Saturday, and also a little glimpse at the newest addition to the "Joz Norris Has Gone Missing" roster of characters. Enjoy, and thank you for having me, Brighton!

Punchlines - Official Trailer

Posted April 24th 2013


I mentioned "Punchlines" here a little while ago, it's a sort of would-be TV show (it's a student production so won't actually be reaching your TV screens, but it'll be available on the internet and I'll be giving out free DVDs at Speaker's Corner) produced by UCA Maidstone for which I'm the host, and so far is proving to be lots of fun to work on. Essentially, the format is that I set comedy challenges to two budding comedians and then make them bicker and fight and pick faults with one another until the audience prefers one of them. Today we filmed the show's official trailer in the same TV studio that Jools Holland was filming his Hootananny or one of his other knees-ups. We asked him if he wanted to join in on the "follow Joz down the corridor" scene, but he politely declined. Guy doesn't know what he's missing. Anyway, enjoy - I'll come back with more updates as it unfolds.

New/Old Video - Matt Fisher: Nightclubbing

Posted April 20th 2013


In general, I'm ever so slightly wary of putting videos of current routines up on Youtube (the age-old question of "does uploading a video of something you still perform live devalue the experience of performing it" and similar concerns), which is part of the reason why I haven't uploaded many new live videos for a long time. However, while taking a nostalgic trip through the Archive yesterday I happened upon this old chestnut, an extract from the previews of my show last year, "Joz Norris is Matt Fisher: Uberperson." This particular routine didn't make it as far as Edinburgh and I haven't performed it in a long time, but it still makes me chuckle so I thought I'd share it with y'all. I may even do it again someday. Matt Fisher, professional waster/thinker/prude, shares his wisdom on nightclubbing with the crowd, via a demonstration of how to get noticed and how to pick up women. Enjoy.

Specialist Subject on Such Small Portions

Posted April 18th 2013


Back in February, I was lucky enough to perform at Specialist Subject, the comedy night where comedians get to geek out about their favourite niche subjects in front of a baying crowd. I ranted about censorship for a few minutes before telling several long jokes about 1980s neo-progressive rock group Marillion, and had a whale of a time. Out of the kindness of their hearts, the promoters of Specialist Subject have selected me as the provider of one of the Top Five Facts learned from previous Specialist Subject nights in a feature over at Such Small Portions - you can find the feature here. If I was being really pedantic, the actual fact is that on the day I was born, Steve Hogarth was celebrating his first birthday as the frontman of Marillion, but there's always room for a little inaccuracy in these  polls. Either way, our destinies are karmically linked somehow.

As for Specialist Subject, their next night is on Wednesday 24th April and promises to be a good one - I'll hopefully be popping down as it's always a nice one and it's got great people like Matthew Crosby and Mark Stephenson on the bill. You can book tickets here.

And finally, you might have noticed I had some headshots done recently by a man called John Clark who managed to make me look funny and beautiful. So much so, in fact, that he's even featured me on his website! What a nice man - look at my hilarious cartoon-like face here. And if you ever need headshots done, he's your man, I thought he was thoroughly pleasant and had a lot of fun grinning into his lens. That's all for now, g'night.

What Not Podcast Prototype Art

Posted April 14th 2013


I've just got back from a Sunday afternoon trip to Hackney City Farm where I met this boss pig and these champion goats and a sad donkey and just generally spent a couple of hours trying to recreate the cover to Pet Sounds, so I'm in a lovely generous mood. In that spirit, for all you die-hard What Not Podcast fans, here's a little Sunday afternoon treat - it's a proposed piece of prototype artwork to promote the podcast back from the days when we were toying with calling it San Francisco Beige. Sadly, this artwork was ultimately rejected. I think it represents a great missed opportunity, personally.

From left to right: Luke Chaproniere, What Not Producer; Karl Schultz, What Notter; Sara Shulman, editor of Comedy Blogedy; and myself.

Q&A With Laugh Out London

Posted April 14th 2013


The good people over at Laugh Out London were good enough to let me do a Q&A (which stands for Questions and Answers) with them about my upcoming "season" of Edinburgh previews, and a few other things. If you're not bored of hearing me talk about my Edinburgh previews, why not head over and see the various ways I've attempted to make self-promotion FUN?! Laugh Out London are great guys as well, they're always retweeting the What Not Podcast and generally being lovely supportive guys, so make sure you're nice and supportive and appreciative of their excellent website. Here is the Q&A.

A Nice New Website

Posted April 13th 2013


Hello everyone. I do hope this finds you well. Thanks for coming to admire my nice new website. Basically, I had a good long chat earlier today with a friend of mine who said "Your website is good, but it looks about ten years old. It looks like something I could've made when I was 14." Now, when I was 14 I was regularly attending sleepovers in my mate Ben's garage where we'd play Mario Party and drink Hooch and take all our clothes off, and then our mate Sam would teach us how to masturbate, which I think just goes to show how different an upbringing I had from this friend I spoke to this morning. Nonetheless, she was right - much as I had grown attached to that old website, it didn't look clean and swish like this new one. So, welcome. I hope this will provide you with all your Joz Norris-related needs. For one thing, I'm able to include more interesting and diverse content in my News posts. Don't believe me? Then watch THIS: