I've Been Doing It Wrong For Months...

So, courtesy of my insufferable nemesis Bec Hill, I learned about this thing called LaffQ that helps comedians keep track of their gigs in a way much easier than having to remember to update a lengthy document every few days. "This is useful," I thought to myself, and immediately set about incorporating it into the website - you can see the fruits of my labours over on the "Gigs" page.

To my dismay, I found while tinkering with the format that it's possible to add a proper blog format to this website. I'll be honest, this is something I assumed was possible from day one when I built this site back in April, but I wasn't sure how and couldn't be bothered to find out, so spent months painstakingly updating my "News" page as one long text document. This, in hindsight, is ludicrous, particularly when it turns out that all you need to do to add a blog is click the "blog" button. I feel suitably ashamed, which is a good emotion on which to end the year.

Anyway, all my nonsensically formatted news from the last year can still be found on the Archive page, but this is just to let my avid fans know that from now on my news will be coming courtesy of these handy blog posts. Hopefully you'll all find them infinitely more useful and interactive than the silly old method!

Happy New Year, all. Much love,

Joz xx