Joz Norris & Friends Present...

Just a quick note to mark the inaugural night of Joz Norris & Friends Present this week, which was a lovely slice of raucous fun and hopefully something that will continue to grow and develop a following over the coming months. Featuring the talents of the wonderful Adam Larter, Ali Brice, Matthew Highton, Jon Brittain (as up-and-coming new stand-up comedian and former Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe) and Ben Target. Initially, these monthly bookings at the Lion were made just to give me a place to continue workshopping the Awkward Prophet show as it starts playing small festivals around the UK, but as it goes ahead I'd hope that it'll turn into a fun night where great acts can feel free to come and play with new ideas. This first night was built around the idea of a spoof comedy masterclass of tips and exercises, and the night will be back on March 6th with special guests John-Luke Roberts, Trodd en Bratt, The Grandees, Mark Dean Quinn and Sofie Hagen, with the overall theme this time being "Before They Were Famous." Put it in your diaries now!

As for the show itself, I'm excited about premiereing it to paying audiences for the first time in a couple of weeks - it'll be playing at the Words With Edge Fest at Red Door Studios in East Ham on Thursday 30th January and it continues to be something I'm very proud of and look forward to develop further as the year goes on. Do feel free to come along to the first proper performance and support the Words With Edge guys, who have put together a really exciting week of theatre, writing and performance, and keep your eyes out for future details regarding Joz Norris & Friends Present, which I hope will become a really exciting venture for comics as the year progresses.

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