The Good Humour Club

I realise my network of York-based fans/friends/contacts is limited, so this one mainly goes out to Alistair Greaves and anyone he chooses to share it with. But this is just a quick reminder about my performance this week at St. Helen's Church in York as part of the Good Humour Club. Set up to honour the tercentenary of Laurence Sterne, it's the modern iteration of a society established in 1725 to celebrate the "twin virtues of conviviality and companionship." As such, it's without a doubt the most prestigious organisation I've ever performed for, and certainly the one with the most impressive heritage. I'm very excited to be bringing my new solo show, Awkward Prophet, up north for a special performance on Thursday, for which you can purchase tickets here.

As a side note, the following day I'm equally excited to be leading a workshop with students of York St. John University, talking about different approaches to comedy and ways of engaging with audiences and so on which I hope will prove useful and interesting to them, whether they're hoping to start a career in comedy themselves or if they're just curious to know a bit more about it. All my thanks go out to Kate and Patrick at the Laurence Sterne Trust for all their help in putting these two events together.