An Apology

I would like to issue a full and frank apology for my "pile of horsehit" blog post on Chortle which has rightly incurred a lot of hatred from the Northern comedy circuit. It was supposed to be a vague reflection on the fact that the kind of comedy loved by my extended family tends to be slightly tonally different to the kind of comedy I love, a fact I partly (and naively) attributed to the fact that they live in a small village and therefore don't encounter a broad spectrum of comedy on a regular basis. More than that, it was supposed to get people to click on my website and maybe come to see the show in Leicester on Sunday. It was NOT supposed to carry the implied message that all comedy outside of London is derivative and shit, and that I am the best avant-garde comedian of all time. My sincere apologies to those who took that message from it. That said, I've had lots of lovely feedback from members of the actual public about the article and it's created quite a lot of website traffic, most of it presumably from comedians thinking "Who the fuck is this prick?" Plus there was the heady adrenaline-fuelled thrill of being a public hate figure for a couple of days, so I think overall that article did its job, albeit in the most cackhanded way possible.

In other news, I'm on Leicester Student Radio and BBC Leicester tomorrow talking about the show, so do come on down and see it on Sunday if you fancy, as it's now Controversial, which should add to its appeal.