This Week - Short Cuts & Pluck It

This week I'll be involved with a couple of special events I thought I'd notify people of, as both of them will be wonderful and well worth your coming along to.

Firstly, after MCing the Best of Short Cuts Festival back in January, I'll be back for their latest offering for most of this week (sadly other commitments prevent me from being there on Wednesday and Thursday, but if you're coming on Tuesday, Friday or Saturday then look forward to some silliness from me in between the plays themselves). For those that don't know, Short Cuts is a festival of short plays that runs at the Hen & Chickens Theatre a few times every year and it's been my distinct pleasure and privilege to work with them and be one small part of the team that delivers such a fun night of new writing, acting and directing talent. This will be the festival's 6th outing and is running with the theme of "Apocalypse." (I wrote a deeply pretentious and angst-ridden trilogy of plays about the Apocalypse when I was 17, but managed to rein in the urge to submit them because they're far from my best work). The plays this week are Booty's Book by the Grandees, Experiment IV by Eliza Power (ten points to anybody who can identify the Kate Bush reference), Judgement Club by Lexy Howe and Blue October by Frost & Ireland. Tickets can be purchased here.

As if that weren't enough excitement for one week, on Wednesday night I'll be MCing for Pluck It Productions' comedy night at their exciting new venue, Surya on Pentonville Road. I'll be co-hosting the night with the incomporably brilliant Joe Davies. We road-tested our double act schtick back in November at a gig with only three audience members and absolutely stormed it, so I'm fairly confident we'll be pretty bloody good. And there's also the likes of Mike Wozniak, Spencer Jones, Luke McQueen, Jamie Glassman and LetLuce, so there's really no excuse. I believe it'll be the first of a new monthly night, so do come along and help its launch to be a grand success. Tickets can be purchased here.

Hopefully see some of you at one or the other of them, they'll both be excellent. All the best,

Joz xx