Joz Norris & Friends/Wurst Kabaret

Just a quick shout-out about a couple of nights at the Lion in Stoke Newington that I'm organising on a semi-regular basis - firstly, just a big thank you to all the acts and audience who graced last week's Joz Norris & Friends Present... with their presence. It was the second night of the idea and it continues to go from strength to strength, and is really developing a nice identity and spirit to it. Thanks to John-Luke Roberts, Trodd en Bratt, Mark Dean Quinn, Alexander Bennett and Marny Godden & Tom Turner for their star turns. Next month's will be on April 3rd and will feature Joseph Morpurgo, Lou Sanders, Mark Stephenson and Heffernan & Fletcher (theme to be confirmed), and may also include another full preview of Awkward Prophet as I'm being told I need to do one.

Also, this week sees the inaugural night of Wurst Kabaret, a new silly comedy/cabaret venture from myself, Lindsay Sharman, Laurence Owen and Laura Blundell. Essentially, it's a vaguely Germanic-themed stupid playground to try out new ideas potentially building towards Edinburgh shows, and should be a lot of fun. Our special guest on Thursday is the wonderful Martin Soan, and it's all free entry, so do pop along if you fancy it, you'll find event details here.

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