Where Is David Bowie?

Well this is a weird thing to come across nearly a year after it happened - last summer, Weirdos staged something called Bowie Fest at its former home, the Lion in Kings Cross. It was intended as a cheap and stupid alternative to the V&A's David Bowie Is... exhibition. I played the role of David Bowie himself and had to do the meet and greets for the audience. I remember the Bowie-themed gig it built to in the evening going really well, but I've since been told I spent most of it blundering around in the dark speaking too quietly to be heard. I don't think anybody really minded. It was that sort of gig.

Anyway, nearly a year on, somebody has stumbled upon this charming Italian webzine. As it turns out, some of the guests that day (those who were particularly keen to take photos of everything) were in London on some kind of weird self-imposed mission to find David Bowie himself, and happened upon our ramshackle piss-take quite by chance. To be honest, Google Translate mangles their account of the day so much I can barely work out what they're trying to say, but there's some lovely pictures of yours truly in full Bowie regalia. Have a read of it here.