When Is An EP Not An EP?

I mentioned the hot new band The Dickheads in my last post, so thought I would continue the theme with some ruminations on the band's current status. We've developed quite the cult following over the last few performances with our ecstatically received performances at Blueprint performing some of our biggest hits, like "Fuck Off Fascists" and "Why Is There War?" and fan favourite "All The Problems." We're being bombarded with offers of representation and record contracts, but here lies one of the greatest quandaries I've encountered from being part of a band - when is an EP not an EP?

At present, The Dickheads (apparently possibly to be renamed Liberty Hodes & Joz Norris & Adam Larter & The Bad News, although I much prefer The Dickheads) have about six songs under our belts. They range from the brilliant ("Why Is There War?") to the great ("Alien Love.") But they don't quite add up to an album's worth of material. If we really string out some of the instrumental jam bits, we could probably clock up about twenty-five minutes' worth of sound. That's not enough to be an album, naturally. Prince's Dirty Mind album is about 31 minutes long, and I consider it surprisingly short. But twenty-five minutes is a bit too long for an EP (Bon Iver's Blood Bank EP is about 18 minutes long and I consider it surprisingly long). Admittedly, we could probably get it down to about 18 minutes if we shortened some of those lengthy instrumental jam bits, but I don't think that's in the spirit of the band. I think the lengthy instrumental jams and recorder solos are very much a key part of what the music scene finds so exciting and invigorating about The Dickheads/Liberty Hodes & Joz Norris & Adam Larter & The Bad News. We're like a latter-day Grateful Dead for the Russell Howard generation.

The answer, then, lies in generating more new material. I don't know what that new material might be. The very nature of creativity dictates that I've no idea when a new song might burst Athena-like from our collective brow, but when it does I'm sure it'll be just as politically incisive and musically exciting as everything else we've done so far. And only when we've got about nine songs ready for public consumption will we finally be able to respond to these requests from record companies in the affirmative. Until then, the music world waits with baited breath...

In the meantime, we're thinking of recording our six songs because Liberty has six blank CDs and we can record one per CD and then maybe sell them to our biggest fans as "exclusive" items. More on that as it develops. Also, here are some ideas for our album title when it surfaces. Let us know which is your favourite:

1. The "We've Only Rehearsed Five Songs, But Here's Nine" Album

2. This Is Just A Big Publicity Stunt

3. Here Are The Dickheads

4. This Is The Dickheads' First Album. They Don't Like It. They Didn't Like Their Jaw Harps At First Either.

5. You Better Watch Out