Salisbury & Sitcoms

Just a little heads-up about a couple of upcoming things in the next week. On Friday, like the Prodigal Son, I'll be returning to my hometown of Salisbury (the Prodigal Son reference only works for the general concept of homecoming, not specifcially for going back to Salisbury, but you get the idea) to perform Awkward Prophet at the lovely Salisbury Arts Centre as part of a double bill with the excellent Tom Craine. It'll be a lovely opportunity to bring the show back home and let some of the locals see what I've been up to this year, so if you'll be in Salisbury and fancy coming to see how the new show is shaping up, then you can go here for more information and to buy tickets.

And on Monday 14th I'll be involved in the Comedy Project Season, an ongoing run of showcases for new writing at the Soho Theatre that'll be ongoing for the next few weeks. I'll be reading roles for a couple of projects, playing Wilkie in Mark Stephenson's Funk and George in Peter Etherington's Cast. Both scripts are great fun and well worth seeing, so you can get a ticket here if you fancy coming to see the first outings of some exciting new comedy work.