News Roundup

Hello all! Sorry things have been a bit quiet here lately - I haven't been shut away doing nothing, I promise, I've just been busily squirrelling away working on lots of different projects, none of which are yet in a proper state of completion to be able to share with the world, hence the radio silence! But I thought I'd update you all on a few on a few bits and pieces here, just to keep things up to date.

Website Tweaks - You might have noticed a few little tweaks and edits to the website in the last couple of weeks, principally the addition of an Edinburgh Fringe page under the News heading which contains a full press release and promo image for my Edinburgh show Awkward Prophet, with hopefully all the necessary details on the show - if you'd like to know more about the show's Fringe run and can't find what you're looking for, feel free to get in touch with any queries! I've also added a couple of new videos in the form of a recent live set at the lovely Comic Boom Comedy Club at Komedia, Brighton and an updated acting/presenting showreel now including some extracts from the recent Incidents: The Gerry Howell Sketch Show produced by Turtle Canyon Comedy.

Awkward Prophet Interviews - Of course, the majority of my time continues to go into this year's Edinburgh show, which is shaping up nicely and continues to go from strength to strength at each preview, I think. There's still time to make improvements, but it's already shaping up into a show I'm very proud of. Over the next couple of months I'll be doing the odd interview to talk about the show among other things - a couple of these I've already done and should be available to read or listen to shortly, and others will be happening gradually over the next few weeks, so there'll be more news and information about the show soon.

Off Key World - I've been performing in a series of fun online sketches under the title Off Key World for Off Key Creatives over the last couple of months, and there are a fair few filmed now - I think the producers are keen to ensure a lot of content is ready to go and plays well at test screenings before formally launching it on Youtube, but I think sometime within the next month or so the first Off Key World sketches should start emerging, so again you'll see those shortly.

Weirdos - Of course, the mighty, ramshackle behemoth that is Weirdos Comedy Club marches on as proud and colourful as ever, and there will be two more of our monthly Blueprint nights at the Lion in Stoke Newington before we take a break for Edinburgh. If you've not been to Blueprint yet it's well worth coming along - it's a night that really celebrates silliness and invention and communal fun, and this Sunday alongside regular Weirdos Adam Larter, Ali Brice, Matthew Highton, Beth Vyse, Liberty Hodes, Mark Stephenson, Ben Harris, Lindsay Sharman, Stuart Laws, Gareth Morinan, Tessa Waters and Michael Brunstrom we have some amazing special guests in the form of the great Phil Kay, Holly Burn and Lee Kern. Sounds like too many great people for one lineup? It sure is. It'll be mental. It always is. You can buy tickets here.

Doodleathonedy - Almost finally, I'm excited to be involved in a really exciting new project in the works called Doodleathonedy. It's an idea curated by the great Bob Slayer to build a fun, performance-art/comedy event around the amazing work of the Live Scriber Peter Morey, a man I first met at the Leicester Comedy Festival earlier this year who has gone on to make some incredible pieces of art by transcribing the content of comedy shows into a visual representation of it. I'll be playing a News Reporter with a mysterious secret in the extravaganza, which sounds like it'll be another hugely inventive and fun and exciting way to put together a night of live comedy, and I'm very excited to be a part of it. Details are still being confirmed, including a specific date and venue, but you can see more of Pete's work here, and the show will also be playing a short run at the Fringe as part of Bob's Heroes of Fringe programme at Bob's Bookshop. Again, more details nearer the time.

Birthday - Finally, it was my birthday last week. Oh, gee, thanks, that's kind. I had a lovely day, thanks. Got a card with Muppets on and an old vinyl copy of a Marillion single from 1987, so I was obviously delighted. Here's to the next twenty-five years.