Frankie's Fringe Focus

Hello everyone! How's things? Hope you're all well. I'm ok, thanks. Had a fascinating discussion with a PR guru today over a cup of the strongest coffee in the world (couldn't talk for about an hour afterwards due to caffeine overload) about how Twitter works and how to get the best out of it, and it's fascinating stuff - I really do think the Internet is going to take off in a big way soon, it's amazing what you can do with it already!

Speaking of the internet, if you click on this link here you can watch a fun little interview I did recently with the brilliant Frankie Ward for Frankie's Fringe Focus, her series of mini interviews with comedians about their upcoming Fringe shows. As well as a bit of tantalising information about the show itself, you'll also be able to watch some fun chat about trousers, and some fancy dress to keep things silly. Hope you enjoy the interview!