Bertie & Boo and Film School

Just a couple of bits of casting news for those of you keeping close tabs on my acting career (as I don't have an IMDB page to do it for me, Goddammit).

Firstly, in a more ongoing capacity, I've been cast as the role of Bertie in the Bertie & Boo shows - Bertie & Boo is a theatre company based in Balham that produces magic, puppetry and storytelling shows for young children. Based on the rehearsals I've done so far, it looks like it'll be a huge amount of fun to be involved with and the show itself is really delightful, silly and imaginative. If you have kids, know kids or just think you'd enjoy watching some fun magic yourself, then do get in touch and I'll let you know when I'm performing so you can come and see the show. At present, I don't know exactly when I'll start performing or how often I'll be doing the shows, but it'll probably be fairly regular from the start of July. More information about Bertie & Boo can be found here.

I've also been cast as one of the main roles in a new TV sitcom pilot called Film School written by Matt Silver and to be directed by Chris Bold. The bits of script I've seen so far have been really great and hugely characterful, so I'm looking forward to starting work on it properly. It tells the story of a bunch of students looking to get their work noticed at film school and, in a break from my usual "goofy nice guy" shtick, I've been cast as the main antagonist so I get to be all mean and intimidating, which will be nice. At present, we're aiming to film a short teaser later in June with a view towards hopefully developing it into a full pilot later in the year.

I'll update you all with more news as and when it comes in on both of these projects, but for anybody who'd like to pop down to Adventure Island to see some magic, just get in touch and I'll let you know when would be good to come and see me!