Film School Wrap & The Backbenchers

Firstly, just a big thank you to the entire cast and crew of Film School, which we filmed over the weekend and had a huge amount of fun with. What happens next with it remains to be seen, but fingers crossed it might be back for another outing sometime in the future. What we filmed was just a brief 6-to-10 minute teaser for the sitcom and will therefore probably not be shown publically, but rest assured that I was really good in it and acted rings around everyone. Hopefully one day it'll make it into the public domain in a longer format and you can all see just how great I am at being a conceited, brattish film student.

For now, though, it's onto the next project, which is a short comedy webseries entitled The Backbenchers to be filmed in Bournemouth next week. It's about an ex-convict trying to set up his own business, and I play his loveable idiot housemate. Back to what I'm best at. It also stars Sam Dunning and Nelly Scott (a.k.a. Zuma Puma of the Lost Cabaret), and will probably be online sometime in the weeks following the shoot. More news as it arises!