Backbenchers Promo & A Dickheads Adventure

Big news, guys - Wix have changed the way posting blogs works, so I can now include multiple images or videos in one blog post! This changes everything. I'm going to use this new feature to share a couple of fun bits with you - first is the image above, a promo shot for the new webseries The Backbenchers, starring Sam Dunning as Jack, Nelly Scott as Beth and yours truly as Steve (Joz Norris fans will notice that I've basically been cast as myself again).

Also, here's a nice photo from a recent Weirdos adventure. Chief Weirdo and bassist for house band The Dickheads sent me and Liberty Hodes off to rehearse a song but it was a nice day so we went off in search of the Brixton Windmill instead. We didn't find it, but here's a photo of us on our fruitless search: