Out of Touch, Out of Time

Edinburgh previews are all done with now. That's it. No more. Done. The last few in particular have been really fun and I feel very proud of the show and excited to take it up to the Fringe. It's definitely the best piece of work I've put together so far, so many thanks to all those who have come to support it or help shape it over the last few months, you're all stars.

I'm off to Wales this week to have a bit of downtime pre-Fringe, but I'll hopefully be posting my Fringe recommendations here later this week, as well as maybe a new video - watch this space! In the meantime, just to brighten the place up a bit, here's me and the Grandees' Marny Godden watching Hall & Oates while dressed as Hall & Oates. A woman told us "In all the ten times I've seen Hall & Oates live, I've never seen as big fans as you guys!" even though that automatically makes her a bigger fan than either of us. I've not even heard War Babies or Abandoned Luncheonette, and Marny hadn't even heard "She's Gone" before.