Edinburgh 2014 - That Was The Fringe That Was

Well, that's that. I've now returned from the Edinburgh Fringe, where I've had a huge amount of fun performing Awkward Prophet every day to a bunch of lovely and appreciative audiences. The show had some amazing responses from critics, audiences and comics alike, and there are lots of exciting new directions to have emerged from the Fringe to be nudging ahead with in the immediate future. This post is partly intended to say a few thank yous, and partly to shed some light on what's next.


It's been a long and exciting journey to get Awkward Prophet as far as this, and it's by far the thing I'm proudest of out of all the projects I've worked on so far. A big thank you to my agent, Hollie Ebdon, and to Charley Base, Cameron Ogilvie and the whole street team at Live Nation. Their faith in the show and their support to help it be the best it can be have been amazing.

Thanks to Luke Chaproniere for directing the show and reigning me in in some places and encouraging me in others, and to my brother Barney Norris for helping me to find the meaning in the show. Thanks to Frith Taylor and Emily Richards for inspiring some of the ideas behind the show and for helping me to better understand myself over the last few years in a way that made me happy to talk about it.

And thanks to all my family and friends for their ongoing love and support, and to everybody who has in some way supported or helped the show, or even just come to see a dodgy preview above a pub somewhere, as you've all kept me going every step of the way.


Once again, I've managed to avoid getting back to London to face an overwhelming sense of "What the hell do I do now?" as there's already lots of exciting new avenues to explore. I'll be doing Awkward Prophet at least once more in London, probably sometime in early October, so watch this space for that. Beyond that, I've no idea what'll happen to that show, but I might dust it down every once in a while. Still, the early glimmers of a new show (which I'm going to provisionally title Hey Guys!) are already flickering, so I'll start trying to explore those in the next few months. It's going to loosely be about "leading a life of open-heartedness and silliness." Either that or death. There's a good bit I've written about drinking a Martini, and another good gag about how to dispose of a body. It's going to be similar to this year's show but a tad more playful. We'll see what happens.

Next week I'm delighted to be hosting Laugh Out London's Alternative Pick of the Fringe night at the Camden Head, which features some of the very best acts to have stormed it at the Fringe this year in the likes of Ali Brice, Lou Sanders, Luke McQueen and Ben Target. After that I'll be back to gigging around London while also working on a couple of TV projects. The most exciting one is the latest iteration of that long-gestating dating project, previously titled A Savant's Guide to Dating (currently untitled), which has gone through some exciting changes and might even end up on telly one day. It's all too vague for me to make any statements about it, but it's something I'll be putting a lot of time into over the next few months, so hopefully there'll be more details soon. There's a couple of other very vague TV ideas up in the air which might come to something, and I'll also be presenting a documentary about Iron Age hill forts in the spring. Also, Weirdos will no doubt be back at some point. There's talk of an adaptation of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds by Weirdos house band the Dickheads. More on that at some point.

Anyway, that's all for now I think. Watch this space for further updates, and much love again to everyone who made this year's Fringe a very special and rewarding one. xxx