Hey Guys!

Anybody planning on sticking around after the final performance of Awkward Prophet at Camden Comedy Club on the 29th October can now look forward to seeing a very early work-in-progress preview of a new show entitled Hey Guys! which will follow on straight afterwards. THIS IS NOT A JOZ NORRIS DOUBLE BILL. That would be ridiculous, and totally uncalled for. It's two separate events that happen to be taking place on the same date and in the same venue. You're welcome to come to either, or both. Here's some information about the new show:

I am become Death. I am Neil Young, with my Message. I am Peter Gabriel, driving my Car. I am building families out of friends. I can move forwards and backwards and side to side. I am saving time. I am a Pigrat. My heart is still beating. I have got my clarinet. I am a little lost boy. Come and celebrate with me at my party. But you got to wear your sunglasses, so you can feel cool.