Hey Guys! Update

Hello everybody! A little overdue, this, but just a quick notice to say thanks to everyone who turned up to my little double bill at Camden Comedy Club last week, which saw the final performance of Awkward Prophet and the very first work-in-progress performance of a new show provisionally titled Hey Guys! We had a lovely crowd along and it was an absolute pleasure.

Thanks also to everybody who's provided input or support for Awkward Prophet over the last year, it's a show I'm very proud of and it feels nice to have given it a nice send-off. Already the new show feels like something to be very excited about, moving in a slightly different direction and building on what's come before. It's a little sillier, a little messier and is about families and surrogate families and silliness. I like to do an early preview every year as a way of testing the water to see if there's anything percolating in my brain that feels strong enough to be a potential Edinburgh show, and I already feel like Hey Guys! is something I'd really like to take up next year, so fingers crossed you'll see more of it in the months to come. For now, I'm leaving it alone until the new year before I tamper with it, but watch this space for more news on the new show as it develops.

In the meantime, there's a couple of little projects I'll be occupied with over the next couple of months, which I'll update you all on once they've been slightly more formalised. All the best in the meantime,

Joz x