A Christmas Tail

Rehearsals have commenced for this year's Weirdos Comedy Christmas Show, which will be running on the 9th, 11th, 12th and 13th December at the Heroes Grotto of Comedy. Further details, including a link to book tickets, can be found here.

Over the last two years, the Weirdos Christmas Shows (a live recreation of the Steven Spielberg film Hook in 2012, and a war epic about Colonel Sanders' military career entitled The Colonel in 2013), have raised over £8000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital, and this year's, entitled A Christmas Tail, looks set to be just as anarchic and silly and lovely as ever, in a touching story about family and sea creatures and evil advertising executives and how the spirit of Christmas is celebrated in Atlantis. I play a lobster called Picasso.

It features returning Hook and The Colonel cast members Beth Vyse, Lindsay Sharman, Chris Boyd, Gareth Morinan, Marny Godden, William Lee, Pat Cahill, John Kearns, Ali Brice, Mark Stephenson, Thomas Meek, Joe Davies, Mark Dean Quinn, Liberty Hodes and Jack De'Ath as well as a number of exciting additions to the Weirdos Christmas team in Luke McQueen, Laurence Owen, Harriet Kemsley, Katia Kvinge, Penny Matthews, Phil Jarvis, Alwin Solanky, Charlie Miller, Michael Brunstrom and Mario D'Agostino.

Book tickets asap, as it's been a sellout show two years running and is sure to be even bigger than ever this year!