Grotto of Comedy Launch

Yesterday there was a big media event to see the launch of Bob Slayer's Heroes Grotto of Comedy venue, where a host of one-off comedy events, including the Weirdos Christmas Panto A Christmas Tail, will be running for two weeks in December. I attended in disguise as Jez Morris, a reporter for the Horse & Hound, so I could snoop on all the other members of the press and get the lowdown on things. Sadly, every member of the press present already knew who I was and just told me to remove my sunglasses and trilby and stop being silly. Elsewhere in the evening, I got to explore the beautiful Throgmorton, the abandoned restaurant in Bank which is home to the Grotto, and managed to frighten ace comic Harriet Kemsley by leading her into the darkest room then running off, which was an hilarious prank.

Here is an account of the launch from the increasingly prestigious John Fleming, which includes a conversation with me about being imaginary, which makes me sound drunk. On the contrary, though, I was starkly lucid.