Happy New Year! (Part 2)

Pretty much all the main goals I outlined at the start of 2014 either saw fruition, or significant development towards their coming to light, so hopefully I'll be just as successful this year in forging ahead with all the following goals!

1. Hey Guys! - Again, one of my major goals this year will be my new solo standup show. I've done one preview so far, and, based on this rather slim evidence, it's already a show I'm really excited by and pleased with, though there's obviously still a long way to go. I'm keen to make it a little looser and sillier than last year's show, less bound by a strict structure, and less self-consciously "about" something. It's loosely about different kinds of family, but largely I'd just like it to feel more spontaneous and kaleidoscopic and less like an exploration of one specific theme. I don't know yet if it'll be playing at any other small festivals in the next few months, though it's a possibility, but it'll certainly be playing preview dates in London periodically. The next one is at Camden Comedy Club on January 19th, with special guests Ali Brice, Will Seaward and Mark Stephenson. I also don't know yet where it'll be playing in Edinburgh, but I'll be up there you can be sure!

2. TV and Online Projects - A very vague and amorphous one, this, and loosely connected to what I said about my dating-based project in my previous blog. As I said, I've been doing some work with a production company to develop the idea, and I'd like my work with them to be another focus this year. That takes all sorts of different forms, and naturally I can't predict quite how it'll turn out at present - I've been writing some scripts for a long-form TV sitcom idea, and have also been given some help in developing short-form sketches for Youtube and the like, which I'd like to try and do on a more regular basis to build a little online audience for myself. There's also the original dating idea as conceived as a series of shorts. Hopefully all these different ideas are ones I'll nudge ahead with this year, and which ones see the light of day remains to be seen, but it's really exciting working on such projects with amazing collaborators, so hopefully there'll be some developments this year with one of all these ideas swimming around.

3. Hello World! The 100% Unofficial ELO Musical - I'm going back up to Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival this year, again as part of Bob Slayer's Heroes of Fringe programme. This time, rather than a work-in-progress version of my new solo show, I'll be doing a one-off show in Leicester (though I'm sure some of the ideas from the Hey Guys! show will find their way in). It'll be a developed version of an impromptu performance I gave in Edinburgh in 2014 of an improvised ELO Musical, loosely based on an actual script I wrote when I was 14. It'll be a very silly and colourful sing-along extravaganza that will appeal to fans and non-fans of the Electric Light Orchestra. There'll be at least one London performance too.

4. Weirdos - After just finishing work on A Christmas Tail, there are no concrete plans for the next step for the Weirdos bunch just yet, but there'll undoubtedly be stuff occurring during the year. A few of the Weirdos regulars will be doing solo shows in Leicester in early February, and Karl Schultz is setting up a new regular night featuring some Weirdos mainstays. Probably in February there'll be some more news on what the next project will be, and it will probably be as daft and ridiculous and fun as ever.

5. Acting - I really enjoyed getting back into acting via a lot of short film work last year, and hope to do a lot more this year. There may, depending on how things pan out, be some more from The Thinking Shower and Hodge Podge, a couple of really fun projects I worked on at the end of last year, and at sometime in February I'll be filming for the Shambles webseries. No other acting projects confirmed as of yet, but hopefully there'll be plenty more to join all the fun stuff I worked on last year!

6. Gigging - Another rather vague one, this, but I'd like to hopefully become a more consistent presence on the live circuit this year, as I feel like my ability to confidently and comfortably perform a good club set is much better these days. I tend to ultimately always write towards the end goal of having a new Edinburgh show, so my main focus will still be trying to preview the show, or parts of it, as much as possible, but I've made some progress with doing more club gigs in the last few months and feel more competent at it than I once did, so hopefully alongside the work-in-progress previews of the new show there'll be more stand-up gigs - you can see all my upcoming performances on the "Gigs" tab, so can keep tabs on whether I manage to make much progress with this aim or not!

Those are the main things I feel like I'd like to work towards this year, and we'll see how they all turn out. Some may end up going further than others, or perhaps something terrible will happen and they'll all fall apart, but for now I feel very excited about the year ahead! Happy New Year, everyone. xx