Escape From Planet Supermarket

For those who weren't lucky enough to see Escape From Planet Supermarket yesterday, here's a couple of pictures of what you missed out on. It was a performance art piece by Liberty Hodes that we staged in a morgue in Chelsea College of Art that Liberty had converted into a 1960s sci-fi movie set. I played a bullish 1950s man whose wife went into space to fight some toothpaste, then I get killed with a raygun. Art is weird because the performance is exactly the same as at a comedy night, but nobody laughs, they just watch very intently and then afterwards they come up to you and tell you how good it was and that it was a "really interesting piece." I think art people are wiser than comedy people, and understand what it all means. I also think comedy people are wiser than art people, and understand that it's all silly. Somewhere in the middle is the correct attitude. We're all looking for the magic.


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