Previews and Leicester

I'm finally reading On The Road and I've decided that I'm Neal Cassady. Minus all the booze and women and gambling, obviously, and with a slightly stronger sense of purpose and morals, but the bit where everybody's standing around calling him a dickhead and Kerouac goes "No, you guys just don't get him, he's the HOLY GOOF!" really struck a chord. I mean, I'd never abandon a baby but I am kinda goofy and mysterious, right?

Anyway, just thought I'd let you all know about last week's previews of my two new shows this year (yep, doing two this year, haterz gonna hate). Hey Guys!, which will be my new solo Edinburgh show, had a lovely preview at Camden Comedy Club which I was very pleased with. I think it's my best show yet and it feels silly but also honest. I like it, anyway. It's a bit long at the moment and needs a bit more focus, but we've got seven months or whatever.

I also did a preview of Hello World! Joz Norris's 100% Unofficial ELO Musical, a special one-off show I'm doing for Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival in two weeks. It would be fair to say it's slightly less polished or coherent than Hey Guys!, but now I've done a bit of restructuring to it, it looks like it'll be a really fun, ridiculous, over-the-top musical extravaganza which I hope the people of Leicester really take into their hearts and never forget.

The show will be at the Heroes of Fringe venue in Leicester on Friday 6th February at 20:30. I think it's the first show of the Leicester Comedy Festival, so I hope I don't set the bar too high for all the other acts. Finally, here's a picture of me being a cool dude during the Hey Guys! preview in case you're tired of looking at text: