Just wanted to send out a big thank you to all who helped my weekend at Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival such a lovely one. My show, the very silly and over-the-top one-off show Hello World! Joz Norris's 100% Unofficial ELO Musical was a big triumph, I felt, with a lovely big audience and lots of great feedback. I probably won't be doing it again, but certain bits of it might worm their way into my Edinburgh show, and if there's any demand for it then perhaps there'll be another performance somewhere down the line.

It was also a real pleasure to see so many dear friends and talented comedians do amazing shows themselves, some of which were work-in-progress outings for further projects later in the year, and some of which were one-offs for Leicester. Either way, they're all wonderful and deserve to be seen by as many people as possible, so big shout-outs to Phil Jarvis, Michael Brunstrom, Lee Kern, Liberty Hodes, Mario D'Agostino, Penny Matthews, Ben Harris, Mark Stephenson, Ali Brice, Adam Larter, Joe Davies and Beth Vyse. And a huge thank you to Bob Slayer for having me as part of the Heroes of Fringe programme for Leicester. Over the next couple of weeks there are more amazing comics doing shows in Leicester as part of Heroes, so do go and see them if you're heading up for the comedy festival.

I'm back now and cracking on with work filming on the Shambles webseries. To brighten the place up, here's a picture of my come-to-bed eyes as captured by Adam Larter during our weekend in Leicester: