Guerrilla Busfare

A little shout-out for this gig next week, which should be a lot of fun. Devised and produced by Mother's Best Child Productions, it aims to be an immersive and multimedia alternative to the cosier and more familiar conventions of shiny-floor TV comedy. I can't reveal too much about my own involvement with it, as there are a few surprises in store, but it boasts an amazing lineup and should be a lot of fun - alongside myself there'll also be performances from Harry Hill, Brian Gittins, Red Bastard, Holly Burn, Beth Vyse and Ali Brice, as well as a couple of other surprises (one of them is Luke McQueen. I'm allowed to say that because he's on this promo image. The other surprises you'll just have to wait and find out about):

Guerrilla Busfare.png