"One To Watch"

So it's my day off and I was doing that thing you do where you Google yourself to see if anybody's said anything unpleasant about you this week, and was excited to see a suggestion that included the sentence "Joz Norris is one of my ones to watch," which seemed to be on a website I'd never heard of called Brixton Blog. As it turns out, that quote came from the lovely Jack De'Ath, co-runner of one of my favourite live comedy promoters, Laugh Out London. Admittedly, a friend of mine who I've known for a few years saying I'm one to watch might not sound quite as exciting as an independent blog or comedy critic with no bias saying it, but Jack sees a lot of comedians go through his doors and he certainly didn't need to say my name. Also, you've got to bear in mind that Edinburgh buzz doesn't just create itself (unless you're, like, a genius), so you've got to make the most of any little bit of press coverage if you want people to talk about you. So read this and just think about how good I am. "Soulful," apparently.

Ooh, also, the main blog post itself features a nice review of LOL's new Brixton-based night, which sounds excellent, and Jack's other two Ones to Watch this year are Nish Kumar and Harriet Kemsley, who are both great choices. Think about how good they are too.