The Buzz

Yesterday I got to do my first ever TV warmup gig, which was a huge amount of fun. It was for a new panel show pilot entitled The Buzz, produced by Mor or Les Productions. It was a pleasure to help out with the recording and learn a lot about the process of panel show recordings, which seems to involve a lot of comedians and producers spitballing puns at each other in a green room until they find one they all like. While my hopes of ever actually appearing behind a podium in a panel show will probably stand or fall on my brushing up my wordplay, it was a pleasant surprise to find that a lot of the ideas and shtick I've been developing recently for this year's Edinburgh show seemed unexpectedly well-suited to the format of TV warmup slots. Maybe this could be my thing. Anyway, big thanks to all the production crew and the great comics involved - Mark Dolan, Marek Larwood, Tania Edwards, Tom Craine and Marlon Davis - for a really fun and eye-opening show. Whether or not it gets commissioned and what happens next is all open to conjecture, as is so often the case with these sort of projects, and I've no idea whether I'll even hear anything about it as just the warmup guy and not an actual part of the production, but if I do hear any more about it I'll be sure to let you all know!