Edinburgh Details

Well, this is a big relief considering I'd already booked my accommodation and written 75% of a new show, but I'm delighted to announce I've now confirmed my venue for my Edinburgh run this year! I'll be doing my new solo show Hey Guys! at the Hive at 14:00 every day from the 6th to the 31st August, with a day off on the 19th. It'll be part of Bob Slayer's amazing Heroes of Fringe programme, which I'm very excited and honoured to be part of for the Fringe having been part of Heroes in Leicester for the last two years and had an amazing time. The show will be Pay What You Want, and there'll be more information on tickets and so on in the coming months.

As an added bonus, I'll also be a part of the regular cast for Alexander Bennett's concept show Hell To Play, a gameshow set in Hell in which I play Adolf Hitler and Jeffrey Dahmer. It'll be at 22:30 at Cowgatehead every day as part of the amazing Freestival programme, which made its debut last year and was really well received by cirtics and performers and audiences alike, so I'm excited to work with them! Again, further details soon (including exactly which dates I'll be performing, as I might not be there every single day).

Also, I've had a few informal new press shots done for the lead-up to the Fringe, which will be over on the Photos page. Here's one to brighten things up: