The Girl Whisperer

It's a long and funny old road seeing out an idea from its inception to its completion. And, while this one isn't necessarily 100% complete yet, today was a big deal for me so indulge me for a moment. Today I was really, really proud to work on my first ever proper film shoot for something I wrote. It had call sheets and radio mics and everything, like a real film.

It's for a 3-part webseries (which I think will also be edited into a single short film) that I wrote with Ralf Little entitled The Girl Whisperer. It's partly an extension of some of the stories in last year's Edinburgh show and partly an extension of an idea for film I first started developing nearly 2 years ago with some amazing contributions from Karl Schultz, Roxy Dunn and Beth Vyse, all of whom I am massively grateful to for helping to influence the final shape of the scripts we filmed today.

Thanks to my brother, Barney Norris, for helping me to turn my ideas into a first draft script, and for helping this project to be seen by the right people.

After that, massive, massive thank yous to Zoe Rocha and Ralf at LittleRock Pictures for their enormous faith and support for this project from day one, and their enthusiasm for turning it into a reality, particularly to Ralf for sitting down with me and helping me to turn all my ideas into three really funny, really great scripts.

Thank you to Charlie Laurie at Little Rock for taking all these ingredients and co-ordinating them into a hugely productive and really fun day of shooting, and to both him and Giles Alderson (one of the most creative, efficient and passionate directors I've worked with) for turning all of these elements from ideas in the air into an actual finished product.

And finally, a huge thank you to a bloody amazing cast. I was so proud and honoured to be able to make this with some of my best friends, so thank you to Ralf, Roxy, Bec Hill and Harriet Kemsley for bringing all the right levels of warmth and humour and outrageous talent to these scripts.

Watch this space for whatever happens next with all this - it'll be in post-production for a while and then hopefully it'll be online and maybe doing the rounds at festivals or the like later in the year. The next step is all alien territory for me and I've no idea how it'll go, so I'll keep you updated, but once again, big big thank yous to everybody who played a part in helping me to put this project together, you are all amazing people.

Lots of love. Hey guys. xx