Upcoming Acting Bits and Bobs

Over the last few months I've done a fair bit of acting in some proper film productions, each of which will probably be emerging sometime over the summer, so I thought I'd do a little account of each of them here so you can all keep an eye out for them. They're all in various stages of post-production, which is a lengthy old process, so the order they're listed in here isn't necessarily the order in which they'll be seen, but it's the order in which we made them. So here goes:

Hodge Podge - This is a short online sketch pilot produced by Hoot Comedy and directed by Ben Aston as a commission for Channel 4. It's a series of short nonsense sketches written by my old UEA buddy Jon Brittain (with a couple of contributions from myself and Matt Tedford, best known as the title role in the hit show Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho which he and Jon wrote together). Alongside myself, Jon and Matt it also stars the excellent Kathryn Bond of That Pair. I play a few roles including a puritanical priest, a concerned homeowner (we had to find a pair of glasses that made me look old enough to realistically own a home) and a depressed house-husband who looks a lot like one half of Batman and Robin (anyone familiar with my work will be able to guess which one).

Grumpy Lettuce - This is a webseries from the team behind the Lost Cabaret, a weekly comedy and cabaret night in Stockwell helmed by Zuma Puma/Nelly Scott. It's created and devised by Zuma, and directed by Andrew Phan. The series aims to showcase some of the characters and performers who have been regulars at the Lost Cabaret over the last few years, and includes performances from Zuma, Dan Lees, Katie O'Brien, Kamal Simpson, Sharney Nougher, Annie Bashford and more. I principally play a presenter and talkshow host who interviews some of the weirder characters, and also have a couple of little cameos as a man eating crisps and a man trying to do a coin trick.

Shambles - The second series of the Shambles webseries is produced by Wild Seed Studios and directed and devised by Harry Deansway. It chronicles Harry's own attempts to run an avant-garde comedy night and the obstacles he runs into along the way. I play Harry's eager-to-please but useless intern Toby, and the cast also includes Tony Marrese and Tamsyn Kelly among the regulars, with guest appearances from Luke McQueen, Matt Steer, Simon Scott, Beth Vyse, Alison Thea-Skot, Claire Ford, John Kearns and Tom Turner. There'll also be appearances from a whole host of excellent comedians as themselves performing material at the Shambles comedy night itself.

The Girl Whisperer - This one I posted about just the other day, and is my own webseries produced by Little Rock Pictures and directed by Giles Alderson. It's co-written by myself and Ralf Little and sees me playing myself as I ask a weird, game-playing, womanising friend for dating advice and then proceeding to try and interpret that advice through my own naive and overly-literal brain on a series of dates, which don't quite go to plan. The cast, alongside myself and Ralf, also includes Roxy Dunn, Bec Hill and Harriet Kemsley.

All these will hopefully be emerging online in the coming months, so keep an eye out for them and do help to spread the word when they come out! xx