April Fools at South London Theatre

It was a pleasure last week to be involved in April Fools at the South London Theatre in West Norwood, a three-night mini-festival of comedy organised by the excellent Jen Palmer to raise funds for the theatre's renovation and refurbishment later this year. I MC'd two of the shows and did a short spot at the third and they were some of the loveliest, friendliest gigs I've done this year, and all for a really great cause. Thanks to all the lovely audiences, and to Jen and the people at the South London Theatre for putting it all together, and to all the amazing acts that graced the stage across the three days - Lead Pencil, Ali Brice, Naomi Cooper, Laurence Owen, Lindsay Sharman, Kerry Godliman, Robyn Perkins, Mark Restuccia, Ed Caruana, Marny Godden, James Sherwood, Dan Lees, Pappy's, Si Holland, Anna Morris, Burgis & Mann, Kitten Killers, Alex Watts, Cheekykita and Angela Barnes. Do go and support any further projects at the theatre between now and October, when the renovation starts, as it's an amazing place and will be set to be even better when it reopens after the building works!