A Poem And A True Story

Here is a poem about Art and the Space Race:

"Zoom zoom zoom, we're going to the moon," Said President JFK on a sunny afternoon. "Why are we going there?" asked a sceptical man. "Well," said JFK, "because it's hard and because we can." He realised how much it would cost a little later that season And thought "Great, now I have to come up with a slightly better reason."

And here is a true story:

Ok so I missed out on some of the context for this but here's the bits I got:

A mum and her 3-year-old daughter are wandering around the soft play area. The mum is calling "Jake! Jakey!"

They enter the playroom and the mum says "Is he in here? Nobody here! Oh no!"

Shortly after I overhear the mum say, in response to something the girl said, "Well that's because we made him up, isn't it?"

Soon after that - "You don't have a friend called Jake."