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Here at, we're very excited to announce that we managed to grab a few minutes with the big man himself! Comedian, actor and writer Joz Norris was very generous with his time and chatted to us about his new Edinburgh show and his upcoming film projects.

Hi, Joz, nice to see you. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat to us.

Hey. That's ok. You got to give the fans what they want, you know?

You're looking well. Very fresh-faced and full of vim.

Cheers. I've started moisturising again, and I had Country Crisp for breakfast today.

Why did you stop moisturising?

Shut up. What is this? What's your first question?

Sorry, that was none of my business. So you mentioned the fans earlier. Have you got lots of big fan-pleasing moments in the new show?

Oh, yeah. I say "Hey guys" a few times, which people normally bloody love. I'm also gonna say "Funny old world, innit?" a few times, and I'll probably say "All the best" at the end, people get a big kick out of it when they hear me say that. All my catchphrases are very positive, very kind, so people enjoy hearing them. You got to give the fans what they want, you know?

Is that a new catchphrase?

I don't know what it is, mate. It's just words. It's all just words.

Fair enough. Is it your best show yet?

It's...yeah. Yeah it is, yeah. I mean, the last preview I did had an audience consisting entirely of Australians, so all the stuff about the Chuckle Brothers went totally over their heads, and that knocked my confidence a bit. But, yeah, it's good. It's got soul.

What obscure musicians of yesteryear are you referencing this time?

Oh, there's lots of Neil Young. There's a bit where I sing "Old Man" by Neil Young. And another bit where I sing "Hey Hey, My My" by Neil Young.

Why do you sing all these Neil Young songs?

Shut up. What is this?

I've heard there's a bit where you put a big red toilet seat on your head and shout "Hey Guys!" then for the rest of the show you just talk about your family and never reference the toilet seat again. Why is the toilet seat bit in there?

I dunno. I might cut it. Have you actually seen a preview?

Not yet, no, I'm hoping to get to one soon.

Right. Well it makes more sense in context.

I've heard it doesn't.

Ok.'ve been talking to the wrong people. Yeah, I think it's my best show yet. It's got a lot of sweetness. It's got a lot of soul.

I've heard it's quite moving.

Well it takes all sorts to make a world.

You're in the new Shambles webseries. How's that looking?

I've no idea, I haven't seen any of it. The trailer looks good. There's a good bit where I run up some stairs.

Was that your favourite scene to film?

It was my least favourite scene to film, I got really out of breath. I'm terribly unfit at the moment, which is why I've started eating Country Crisp.

Country Crisp isn't actually very good for you.

Oh God, not you as well. Just let a guy live his life.

How about The Girl Whisperer, the webseries you wrote with Ralf Little? When's that out?

Dunno. That looks great, though. Great job done by all.

Do you think it will get you lots of press interest when these film projects come out?

Ooh, there's an idea. I hadn't considered that. That'd be nice. How should I get the press interested in them, do you think?

I don't know, I just run your website and write all the News items. I've no idea how to manage a press campaign.


I guess just start seeding the idea of them now, and people will start to look forward to them.

I've been looking forward to them for ages.

You're in them, though. The man on the street doesn't know anything about them. You need to start oiling the press machine.

Right. Should I talk about what my favourite scene to film was in The Girl Whisperer?

If you want.

Well, I enjoyed all of it.

What does the Edinburgh Fringe mean to you?

It's just people doing things they care about, isn't it? That's it. People say it's a meat market, but it's not a meat market. It's an arts festival.

Anything to add to that?

Nope. That's literally what it is. People who find you will enjoy what you do.

Not all of them.


Are there any other shows you're excited about seeing this year?

Yep, 155 of them. I asked you to put together 6 separate blog posts listing them. How's that coming on?

I'm working on it. Do you want me to write something about each one?

I dunno. It depends how much time you have.

Well, there are better things I could be doing.

Fair enough.

Joz, thanks very much for your time. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Oh, just let people know I'm available for more interviews and features, if you would.

Great. I'll tell as many people as possible.

Cheers, mate.

Here are some more details about Joz's new Edinburgh show.