Nottingham Comedy Festival

Those who have been following the progress of Heroes of Fringe lately will know that Heroes' head honcho, Bob Slayer, has purchased a new venue. Heroes has been running in Edinburgh and Leicester for a few years now, as well as branching out to Glasgow and Melbourne and popping up in the heart of London at Christmas with the Heroes Grotto of Comedy. It'll reach a whole bunch of new places now with the acquisition of Bob's BlundaBus, a mobile venue that can pop up anywhere.

One of those places will be the Nottingham Comedy Festival in November, where I'm delighted to be performing on the BlundaBus in a few different shows on Sunday 15th November. At 6pm I'll be performing my solo show Hey Guys! and at 7:30pm I'll be part of the lineup for the Never Mind The Bus Stops mixed bill/storytelling/general piss-up show. Most excitingly, myself and moustachioed Weirdo Ali Brice (who will be performing his solo show Eric Meat Has No Proof, Only Memories Of Pasta on the BlundaBus at 4:30pm the same day) will be debuting a new comedy show for kids that we haven't written yet and only decided to do today when Bob suggested it to us. It might be called "The Wizard Of Joz" and feature myself as Dorothy, Ali as everybody else and that shit puppet character I used to do in 2012 as Toto. Other titles suggested include "Norris The Ali Brice Joz" and "The Wizard Of...Wait For It...Norris." Or we might dispense with the Wizard of Oz theme altogether and call it "The Wheels On The Bus Have Fallen Off" or "Three Blind Brice" or "Ali In Wonderland." Who knows? Anyway, here's a picture of me and Ali looking stupid that kids will enjoy.