The Top 155 Shows at EdFringe 2015 - Part 2 of 7

Where was I? Oh yes. Again, it's in order of quality, so these shows are slightly less good than the ones in Part 1, but much better than the dross in Part 6. Also, I've moved Tez Ilyas into this section because he assumed after Part 1 that it was alphabetical and that he'd be in Part 6. This is a lesson to him not to be a clever-clogs and never to assume as it makes an ass out of Tez Ilyas. It just so happens that all the quite good shows in this section begin with a C, D, E, F or G, but again, that's pure coincidence and they are all arranged in decreasing order of quality.

Charlie Dinkin: Child Star

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, 16:15. August 6th-19th. Free


In which Charlie reminisces about her experiences making Annie 2.

Cheaper Than Therapy

Heroes @ Bob's BlundaBus, 20:30. August 6th-11th. Pay What You Want


In which Christian Talbot chats to myself and other comics about our mental health problems.

Check This One Out! Tez Ilyas: TEZ Talks

Pleasance Courtyard, 19:15. Paid


Should take him out completely, really, for his Bad Attitude, but I won't as he's very good.

Cheekydinner: Dead Ghost Star

Just The Tonic @ The Caves, 17:30. Pay What You Want


In which Cheekykita and Mr Dinner go to space and sing Babylon Zoo songs.

Chris Betts: Social Animal

Pleasance Courtyard, 21:45. Paid


In which a sentient beard with a Canadian attached to it explores the social goings-on in bars.

Chris Coltrane: Left-Wing Propaganda Machine

PBH @ Banshee Labyrinth, 15:30. Free


In which Chris pretends to be left-wing for an hour when we all know he's one of them horrible Tories.

Christian Talbot Is Shite At Being Irish

Underbelly Med Quad, 17:40. Paid


Christian is actually Irish and therefore objectively better than me at being Irish, so I don't understand his title.

Claire Ford: Box

Just The Tonic @ The Caves, 13:45. Pay What You Want


In which Claire gets inside a cardboard box, I think. Then maybe gets out of it?

Comedians' Cinema Club

Just The Tonic @ The Tron, 15:40. Paid


In which Eric Lampaert plays ringleader to a gang of fools recreating classic films.

Comedy Club 4 Kids 4 Grown Ups

Assembly Roxy, 23:00. August 14th. Paid

Mixed Bill

In which the cream of the Comedy Club 4 Kids gang bring their child-friendly stuff to a bunch of drunken revellers.

Dan Lees: Brainchild

Underbelly Med Quad, 19:00. Paid


In which Dan gets us all to list cheeses for upwards of ten minutes.

Dane Baptiste: Reasonable Doubts

Pleasance Courtyard, 19:15. Paid


I don't think Dane's doubts are reasonable, as everyone knows he's great. He should have more self-confidence.

Darren Walsh: Punderbolt

Pleasance Courtyard, 20:30. Paid


In which Darren goes to ludicrous technological lengths to provide context for ridiculous puns.

Daryl Perry & Sunil Patel: Dopeness - A Guide To Hip-Hop

PBH @ Cowgatehead, 12:00. Free


Sunil's in literally everything, you all know Sunil. He's in this too. So is Daryl. I think it's about hip-hop.

David Elms: Mister Boy

Pleasance Courtyard, 18:00. Paid


In 2013 I recommended Adam Hess and David Elms' two-hander despite not knowing who David Elms was. Well now I do know who he is, so he doesn't need anybody else to persuade me to recommend him. So I'm recommending him.

David Mills: Don't Get Any Ideas

PBH @ The Voodoo Rooms, 17:15. Free


My friend Charley told me the other day that David has discovered the "secret of comedy," and it's to say "you" instead of "I." Sounds like bad grammar, doesn't it? But he makes it work.

Ed Aczel: The Random Flapping Of A Butterfly's Wings

Heroes @ The Hive, 17:30. Pay What You Want


Ed made me laugh the hardest I've laughed all year by saying "Ooohhhh" in response to somebody talking about their mortgage.

Eleanor Morton: Allotted Mucking Around Time

The Stand Comedy Club 2, 13:20. Paid


In which Eleanor channels the lost souls of dead cats, and gets jealous of a rat.

Elf Lyons: Being Barbarella

PBH @ The Voodoo Rooms, 19:50. Free


In which Elf wears a shark costume. I wore one in my show last year, but Elf does it better than me.

Evelyn Mok: Idiot

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, 17:00. Free


Hi Evelyn! I've not seen you in aaaaaaaaages! Is your show good this year? I hope so, cos here it is in my list.

Faye Treacy: Worries

Laughing Horse @ Espionage, 13:15. Free


In which Faye plays the trombone objectively better than any other comedian.

Fern Brady: People Are Idiots

The Stand Comedy Club 3 & 4, 12:10. Paid


In which Fern recreates a hypnotic health-spa full of dickheads.

Fin Taylor: Stink

Pleasance Courtyard, 18:00. Paid


In which Fin is smelly and lazy but somehow still charming.

Funz And Gamez Tooz

Assembly George Square Gardens, 15:20. Paid


In which Phil Ellis returns to traumatise more children by being tragic at them.

Garrett Millerick: A Selection Of Things I've Said To Taxi Drivers

Underbelly Med Quad, 21:25. Paid


Garrett's getting cross because people keep thinking his show is about taxi drivers. Personally, I think he's brought it on himself.

Gein's Family Giftshop: Volume 2

Pleasance Courtyard, 22:45. Paid


If you would like to see a penis in a Fringe show, this is your best bet.

Goose: Kablamo

Assembly George Square Theatre, 15:20. Paid


Part-clown, part-mime, part-raconteur, part-theatremaker, part-sketch act, part-character act. He should make his mind up.

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