Q&A With British Comedy Guide

There's a mere couple of weeks until the Edinburgh Fringe, so there's a couple of final bits of press and promo coming through. Here's a Q&A with the lovely people at British Comedy Guide, in which I talk about my new show, Hey Guys!, and my thoughts on the Fringe in general. I think of all the Q&As I've done, it's the one I've taken most seriously, so for those tiring of the slightly flippant and frivolous tone of the other ones, this one's got a few genuine thoughts on what makes the Fringe important to me if you like the sound of that. There'll be one more silly frivolous Q&A out later this week!

By the by, on the subject of the show, if you're reading this and happen to live in or near Hay-on-Wye then you might be able to come and see the one remaining preview! I'll be performing it at the lovely Old Electric Shop (where I bought one of my favourite Hawaiian shirts last year) on the 29th July, so come along if you'd like to see it one more time before it heads up to Edinburgh!