Shambles Episode 4 - High Spirits

It's Episode 4 of Shambles, which is possibly the silliest and features my favourite guest star in the form of Simon Balch. Lex's mum comes to visit and her timing coincides with some spooky goings-on at the venue. I also shoehorn in another opportunity to say "Hey Guys." Starring Harry Deansway as himself, Simon Balch as Paranormal Investigator Colin Sprite, Beth Vyse as Lex's mum Trish, Tamsyn Kelly as Lex the barmaid, Tony Marrese as Greg the venue manager, myself as Toby Tadpin the intern and, popping up briefly, Cassie Atkinson as comedy blogger Lizzie Johnbags. With guest performances from comedians Matthew Crosby, Tom Hensby, Dan Cook, Will Seaward and Holly Burn as themselves.