Nozstock 2015

Many thanks to everybody at Nozstock for having me this weekend, especially Joe Davies and Beth Gallimore for running a couple of days of great comedy. Nozstock is a ridiculous, proper festival where people fall over in the mud and eat ice cream in the rain and trample on top hats just for fun, and it's always a pleasure to play it. My apologies for turning in for bed at 11 every night, festivals get scary at night time. Big love to all the comedy acts - Matt Highton, Joe, Pat Cahill, Ed Aczel, Karl Schultz, Joey Page, Spencer Jones, Phil Kay, Jayde Adams, John Kearns, Leo Kearse, Darius Davies, Mark Simmons and Seann Walsh - for being great fun and putting on an amazing show. Here's a picture of Karl Schultz sleeping on a pile of money like a dragon while I sneak in to get my bag back like a little Hobbit: