The Top 155 Shows at EdFringe 2015 - Part 6, Jeez Louise, Let's Get Through This

Ugh. This has to be the last one, surely.

Sooz Kempner: Character Activist

Just The Tonic @ The Mash House, 18:20. Paid


Of the two shows Sooz is doing this year, this is the one that doesn't feature me singing a Sondheim number.

Sophie Pelham: Country Files

Pleasance Courtyard, 16:45. Paid


In which Sophie brings a small right-wing village to life all by herself.

Spencer Jones Presents: The Herbert In Proper Job

Heroes @ The Hive, 21:00. Pay What You Want


In which Spencer takes Jim Carrey's crown as "Man with Best Talking Bum Routine."

The Story Beast

Pleasance Courtyard, 22:30. Paid


In which John Henry Falle sings a lovely love song that genuinely made me cry in a preview. It's funny, too.

Stuart Bowden: Wilting In Reverse

Underbelly Cowgate, 20:10. Paid


Best beard of this year's Fringe, I reckon. Stu gets that title most years, but especially this year.

Stuart Laws: Who Said Anything About Stopping It? (1 Hr Show)

PBH @ Cabaret Voltaire, 15:50. Free


In which Stu befuddles commuters on the tube and goes bowling.

That Pair: Letting It Go

Just The Tonic @ The Caves, 16:35. Paid


In which Kat Bond and Lorna Shaw shatter the dreams of the birthday girl.

Tiernan Douieb: The World's Full Of Idiots, Let's Live In Space

PBH @ Liquid Room Annexe, 14:30. Free


Head honcho of Comedy Club 4 Kids blasts off into outer space.

Tim Key: Work-In-Slut-Gress

Pleasance Courtyard, 21:45, August 19th-31st. Paid


In which Tim treats us to a glimpse at his new poems.

Tim Renkow: Kim Jong-Un, Muhammad, Jesus And Other Power-Hungry Maniacs

Heroes @ The Hive, 19:50. Pay What You Want


There's a bit about weeing on a baby that Tim tells me is the least offensive bit.

Tom Parry: Yellow T-Shirt

Just The Tonic @ The Tron, 18:20. Pay What You Want


In which Tom flings his yellow T-shirt into the audience. Not seen any previews of this, so just going off the picture.

Tom Ward & Andy Storey: A Ward Winning Storey

PBH @ Cowgatehead, 21:30. Free


In which Tom boils some peas and Andy has a big beard.

Tony Law: Frillemorphesis

The Stand Comedy Club 3 & 4, 13:00. Paid


In which Tony continues being excellent at nonsense.

Trygve Wakenshaw: Nautilus

Pleasance Courtyard, 22:00. Paid


Trygve channels yet another mythical sea beast via mime and silliness.

Twins: Pret A Comedy

Pleasance Courtyard, 00:00. Pay What You Want


In which Jack Barry and Annie McGrath recreate the Arnold Schwarzenegger/Danny DeVito comedy Twins in its entirety.

Twisted Loaf Present Stale Mate

Just The Tonic @ The Caves, 17:00. Paid


In which Nina Smith and Libby Northedge say thank you and act all menacing.

Wil Greenway: For The Ground That Grew Me

Underbelly Med Quad, 16:20. Paid


Me and Wil said "Hey man, how's it going?" to one another every day last August, to the extent that it lost all meaning. Hope we do it again.

Sarah Franken: Who Keeps Making All These People?

The Stand Comedy Club 5 & 6, 21:00. Paid


One of the best character comics around, now performing as her true self for the first time. This will be great.

Will Seaward Has A Really Good Go At Alchemy

Gilded Balloon, 13:45. Paid


My favourite premise for any show this year. Will is going to try and discover the Philosopher's Stone.

Will Seaward's Spooky Midnight Ghost Stories II

Gilded Balloon, 00:00. Paid


Will is also going to tell a bunch of ridiculous spooky stories at midnight. Awesome last year, even better this year.

WOMANz: Jou're Welcome

Gilded Balloon, 16:45. Paid


In which Tessa Waters returns for more dancing and shimmying and general good-times.

There we go. I think that's about 155. If you miss even one of them, then you're a moron. I'm going to see all of them, possibly twice. If you can't see em all, you're not doing the Fringe right.