Shambles - The Whole Series

If any of you have missed out on some of the Shambles webseries, then the entire thing (including full live sets from the guest comedians) can be found here. I've been very proud to have been a part of such a great series, so a huge thank you and congratulations to everyone involved. I've included full credits below for anybody who's been watching it here and wants to know the full details:

Harry Deansway - Himself

Tony Marrese - Greg (The Venue Manager)

Joz Norris - Toby Tadpin (The Intern)

Tamsyn Kelly - Lex (The Barmaid)

Jody Kamali - Brian Legitte (Harry's Agent)

Cassie Atkinson - Lizzie Johnbags (The Comedy Blogger)

Beth Vyse - Trish (Lex's Mum)

Simon Balch - Colin Sprite (The Paranormal Investigator)

Luke McQueen - Jimmy Mystery (Harry's Rival)

Alison Thea-Skot - Valerie Dubumz (The Jive Class Instructor)

Tom Turner - David Sharpe (The Producer)

Claire Ford - Katy (Harry's Date)

Matthew Steer - Mark Casper-Williams (The Reviewer)

Matthew Crosby - Himself

Tom Hensby - Himself

Paul Neafcy - Homeless John

Lou Sanders - Herself

Andrew O'Neill - Himself

Will Franken - Himself

Tom Ward - Himself

Javier Costales - Himself

Dave Hill - Himself

Andy J. Wilson - Himself

Adam Hess - Himself

Pat Cahill - Himself

Dan Cook - Himself

Will Seaward - Himself

Holly Burn - Herself

David Mills - Himself

Fin Taylor - Himself

John Kearns - Himself

Darren Walsh - Himself

Mat Ewins - Himself

Alex Edelman - Himself

Ed Aczel - Himself

Devised and Directed by Harry Deansway

Virgil Ferragut - Director of Photography/Editor

Andy Mosse - Producer

Jesse Cleverley - Executive Producer

Miles Bullough - Executive Producer

Mark Stopher - Production Manager

Fawn Mead - 1st Assistant Camera

Rob Saunders - Sound Recordist

Theo Durrant - Props/Wardrobe

James Cross - Runner