Edinburgh Guest Spots

Not that anybody really wants or needs this, but here's a quick rundown of the shows where I'll be doing guest spots this Fringe. I do this partly for the die-hard fans who really want to see me in other contexts as well as at my own show (like, proper enthusiastic fans. I think there are about 7 or 8 of them if my Google Analytics stats are anything to go by), and partly just for people who want suggestions of good mixed bill shows to go and see. I've tried to be at least vaguely selective with my guest spots this year, so each of them is a show I'm really excited to perform at that I can pretty much guarantee will be good fun regardless of who's performing that day. If you can't make it when I'm on, try to go see these anyway as they'll be great.

Cheaper Than Therapy - A conceptual comedy show about comedians and their mental health, curated by the lovely and excellent Christian Talbot. I played Cheaper Than Therapy a couple of times last year, when it was essentially a mixed bill showcase where comics had to talk about their paranoias, insecurities, and so on (I talked about all my intimacy stuff, I seem to remember). This year it's more a sort of talk show in which guest comics chat to Christian about a particular theme. On the 6th August I'll be chatting with Christian, Lewis Schaffer and Viv Groskop about "Performance as Affirmation," which sounds very grand, but the actual given name for that session is "Look At Me! Look At Me!" which sounds much more like the kind of thing I could shed light on. Later in the run you get Bec Hill and Richard Wright chatting about religion; Kate Copstick and Joshua Ross on depression; and Bob Slayer and Thom Tuck on alcohol, among others. Should all be very interesting and very funny. Runs from 6th-11th August at 20:30 at Heroes @ Bob's BlundaBus.

Simon Munnery's Fylm School - Very excited to be a part of this one. Over the last few months comedy legend Simon Munnery has been curating this show at the Soho Theatre in which comics perform to a live audience but not from the stage, instead via a camera and projector. I'll be performing there on the 7th, 15th and 23rd, and other guests during the run include Adam Riches, Robin Ince, Mat Ewins, Lolly Adefope, Adam Hess, Liam Williams and many more. Runs from the 6th-31st at 19:40 at Heroes @ The Hive.

The Worst Show On The Fringe - Nig Lovell curates this mixed bill which only gives spots to comics who have received 1-star reviews at some point. It's either a celebration of objectively bad comedy or, I like to think, a celebration of the subjectivity of comedy and the fact that critical opinion is never the be-all and end-all. I get in on a technicality, because the printed edition of the List last year gave my show 1 star, but upgraded it to 2 when it went online. They also removed the words "A painful ordeal" when it went online, so they must've really mellowed after thinking about it a bit. Runs from the 8th-29th at 14:30 at Movement (PBH).

Tiny Horse Comedy - This one is nice and simple. It's a mixed bill stand-up showcase hosted and curated by the brilliant Andrea Hubert. Andrea is both very funny herself, and also an excellent judge of humour in others, so both the host and the guests are guaranteed to be top drawer. I'm performing on the 8th, 10th and 20th. Runs from the 7th-30th at 16:45 at Laughing Horse @ Bar 50.

Comedy Club 4 Kids - This is always a delightful gig. Some of the comedy world's best and brightest bring their stuff to a family audience and it's always enormous fun whether you're 6 or considerably older. Featuring the likes of Tiernan Douieb, Barry Ferns, John Robins, Stuart Laws, John-Luke Roberts, Ed Gamble, Nish Kumar, John Henry Falle, Howard Read and many more. I'm performing on the 9th. Runs from the 6th-30th at 16:15 at Assembly Roxy.

Wheely Wheely Wheely Wheely Wheely - I'm a big fan of any Fringe show where the guests have no idea what will be going on. I absolutely loved Gareth Morinan's Play: Time last year for that exact reason, despite it being the only show Chortle gave 1 star to. This is a sort of interactive comedy gameshow involving a massive wheel hosted by Stephanie Laing and Paul Duncan McGarrity. Beyond that, I know nothing and that's the way I like it. I'm performing on the 10th and 21st. Runs from the 7th-31st at 20:00 at Cowgatehead (PBH).

Robin Williams Memorial Gig For MIND & SAMH - A lot of us comics were hit very hard last year by Robin Williams' death halfway through the Fringe. He was one of the most iconic funny people for all of us growing up, and this year the amazing Dec Munro and Isabelle Adam are putting on a huge late-night gala in memory of him to raise money for mental health charities MIND and the Scottish Association for Mental Health. Featuring a massive line-up including Nish Kumar, Tony Law, Trygve Wakenshaw, Alex Edelman, Sofie Hagen, Thom Tuck & John-Luke Roberts, Tiernan Douieb and all the Weirdos in our only official Edinburgh Fringe appearance. Takes place on the 11th August at 23:45 at Liquid Rooms (PBH).

Fast Fringe - Chortle's daily rapid-fire compilation show, in which performers from across the Fringe perform brief, three-minute routines. Across the whole run there'll be dozens of comics performing at this given the quick-fire nature of the show, so check Chortle for daily listings. I'm performing on the 12th and 25th. Runs from the 5th-29th at 18:40 at Pleasance Dome.

Stand Up Tragedy - A wonderful show combining storytelling, poetry, comedy, music and much more. The only requirement is that the performer has to feel they're exploring the idea of tragedy in some way, however they might feel inclined to do so. Over the last couple of years, Stand Up Tragedy has helped to challenge and change a lot of my feelings about performing, and I love it for it. Guests this year include Rob Auton, Adrienne Truscott and Shazia Mirza, all curated and hosted by Dave Pickering. I'm performing on the 13th. Runs from the 8th-30th at 19:30 at the Banshee Labyrinth (PBH).

Comedians' Cinema Club - Eric Lampaert has been running this cult hit show in London and on the festival circuit for a while now, where he and guest comics (alongside regulars Matt Highton and Will Seaward) drunkenly recreate, to the best of their ability, classic films. On the 17th I'll be receating The Mummy with Iain Stirling, Dan Schreiber, Evelyn Mok and Paul Duncan McGarrity. Elsewhere in the run you can see Harry Deansway, Abigoliah Schamaun, Lou Sanders and Elf Lyons recreating The Lord of the Rings or Felicity Ward, Dane Baptiste, Katia Kvinge and Ed Gamble recreating The Wizard of Oz. Runs from the 12th-29th at 15:40 at Just The Tonic @ The Tron.

The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society - Always reliably one of my favourite gigs ever. John-Luke Roberts and Thom Tuck co-host a show where comedy's greatest idiots try out their silliest ideas, and their noble failures are celebrated. I'm performing on the 18th and guests elsewhere include Adam Larter, Eleanor Morton, Marny Godden, Michael Brunstrom, Alexis Dubus, Ed Aczel, Mark Dean Quinn and many more. Runs from the 9th-27th at 22:00 at Heroes @ The Hive.

The Inflatable Colonel And The Prisoner Of Azkaban - James Lacy, Adam Greene and Chris Joyce host a late-night parade of nonsense including some of the best acts from across the Fringe. I went to uni with James, and he had a story about Danny the Greyhound that remains one of my favourite stories ever told onstage. I'm performing on the 22nd. Runs from the 19th-30th at 01:00 at Laughing Horse @ Espionage.

David, Tom And Sophie: Live In Scotland - I don't know David McIver or Tom Wragg, but Sophie Henderson is excellent. Three great comics plus a special guest every day. Lovely stuff. I'm performing on the 22nd. Runs from the 8th-29th at 14:25 at Chiquito's (PBH).

James Bennison's Murder Mystery Showcase - James Bennison won an award for being excellent at the Brighton Fringe this year in a show about superheroes. For Edinburgh, he turns to detective fiction, hosting a mixed bill show with a difference - there's been a murder, and one of the guest comics did it. I'm performing on the 22nd. Runs from the 19th-29th at 20:30 at Black Medicine (PBH).

Side By Sooz By Sondheim - As well as doing her own character show this year, Sooz Kempner, being a proper singer in the proper world of musical theatre, is also doing a cabaret show dedicated to Sondheim featuring special guests. I'll be there on the 25th, hopefully singing "Johanna" from Sweeney Todd if I have the nerve to go through with it. Runs from the 21st-30th at 14:45 at Fingers Piano Bar (Freestival).

Jayde Adams' Kahuzzi - Finally, the excellent Jayde Adams tells me that Kahuzzi will be two-parts a brand new solo show from her and one part guest spots from some excellent comics. Jayde is always great, and she's got this show sponsored by some big corporate bigwigs, so it's actually really profesh and proper. I'm performing on the 26th. Runs from the 8th-30th at 23:45 at the Voodoo Rooms (PBH).

They're all going to be great shows, so whether or not you can make it when I'm there, do try and make it to as many of them as you can. All will be wonferful.