EdFringe Review Roundup - The Skinny & Broadway Baby

A couple of reviews have emerged for Edinburgh projects. Firstly, the Skinny have written a lovely review of my own show Hey Guys! - seems they really enjoyed the show and they say some lovely things, though they do mark it down for the fact that it'd perhaps be better suited to a more intimate venue. Hopefully as the show continues to develop over the run it'll gradually morph to better fit its current space, and then perhaps a smaller London venue in the autumn will end up being the perfect home for it. A shame the slight mismatch between space and show dampened their enjoyment of it, but still a really lovely and thoughtful 3-star review, and I'm very flattered that they chose me alongside such greats as Holly Burn and Ben Target as the acts to feature as representing London's alternative scene. My favourite bit is "Joz Norris is like a children's teacher who's been put in charge of some adults for once. This is not an insult."

There's also a lovely 4-star review from Broadway Baby for the amazing Comedian's Cinema Club, which I've been a regular guest on here at the Fringe (so far I've helped recreate The Hunger Games, Frozen and The Mummy). This review of our version of Frozen very nicely singles out my performance as Olaf and describes it as "a performance equal parts terrifying and hysterically hilarious." Lovely stuff.

More nice press bits to follow, hopefully!