More EdFringe Bits - John Fleming, ACMS, Comedian's Cinema Club

The Fringe is almost done, and I'll try to post a proper look back on it next week, but just a couple of little updates here for now, for those tracking my progress.

First, I've been featured in the pages of the increasingly prestigious John Fleming's blog a couple of times, first here when John found me lying in a chest freezer in Cowgatehead for no reason, and secondly here where I try to bribe him into giving me a Malcolm Hardee Award. The awards are tonight and I can't go, so I guess I'll find out tomorrow if it worked or not.

Also, considering how much fun I always have on big, silly, collaborative projects (big up for the Weirdos, brap brap), I'm really delighted to have properly joined a couple of amazing new collectives this Fringe. The cult hit that is the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society has been one of my very favourite gigs for a long time, and I'm delighted to announce that this Fringe I have been appointed an Honorary Board Member of the Society in recognition of my month-long joke where I would turn up every night and lurk at the back of the room and pretend to be the next act every time John-Luke and Thom introduced anyone only to say "Oh, I must have read the email wrong" and retreat to the back of the room again. I think it would've won Dave's Joke of the Fringe if it weren't for the fact that it takes a long time to explain. Quite what "Honorary Board Member" means in practical terms is anyone's guess. I imagine very little, but it sounds good.

I've also had an amazing time as part of Comedian's Cinema Club, the brainchild of Eric Lampaert and co-helmed with Matthew Highton and Will Seaward, in which comedians drunkenly attempt to recreate classic films as best as they can remember them. It's been really fun doing the shows, and I'm very happy to have been appointed a regular member of the club and am looking forward to taking part in more CCC shows back in London in the autumn.