Upcoming Homecoming Projects

As EdFringe winds to a close (and as I said in the previous post, I'll write a proper account of it soon), I thought I'd just do a quick plug for a couple of things I'll be doing in London on returning home. Firstly, I've already lined up a couple of London outings for my solo show Hey Guys! with hopefully at least one more still to be booked in somewhere. The first will be at Camden Comedy Club on the 6th September and will be free entry. I'll be performing the show in full, along with guest spots from three of the acts whose work and company I've most enjoyed during the Fringe this year - Spencer Jones, Ali Brice and Harry Deansway. The second will be on the 19th September at Sutton Theatres, which are a bit of a way out of central London so might be tricky for some people, but hopefully for those who live out that way it'll be a nice chance for you to get to see the show. If you know anybody in that area who might like to see the show, do let them know about it!

The other upcoming bit of nonsense is the latest outing from Weirdos Comedy Club. Weirdos has been a mostly ethereal presence this year, popping up in the form of strange one-offs like February's Battle For The Leader Of The Pugs or in recorded form with our radio pilot Jalapeno High, while our only Edinburgh outing was our little-rehearsed recreation of Jumanji for the big Robin Williams Memorial Gala. September, then, sees the first proper live Weirdos production in a long time. It's a performance art piece entitled Only Fools And Horses And Horses And Horses And Horses And Horses and is a tribute of sorts to the classic sitcom. In our version, Rodney goes to Hell. It's written by Adam Larter, who will also star as Del Boy, and the cast is rounded out by myself, Katia Kvinge, Marny Godden, Jon Brittain and Alwin Solanky. I will be playing Rodney. It's on the 26th September at the Museum of Comedy and tickets can be bought here.