Rehearsals Underway For Next Weirdos Project

In just over a week, some of the Weirdos team will be reuniting for a one-off, confusing performance art piece at the Museum of Comedy entitled Only Fools And Horses And Horses And Horses And Horses And Horses. We started rehearsing for it yesterday, so are likely to end up over-rehearsed as we never usually give ourselves more than a full week to prepare our one-off shows. This one is loosely based on the classic sitcom and looks to be just as silly and stupid and confounding as most of the other stuff we've done over the last few years. The piece is written by Chief Weirdo Adam Larter, who will also be playing Del Boy, and also stars myself as Rodney, Marny Godden as Uncle Albert and Trigger, Gareth Morinan as Boycie, Letty Butler as Mickey Pearce, Jon Brittain as Marlene and the Geographical Area of Peckham, Alwin Solanky as Denzil and a Grave and Andy Barr as himself.

It's probably closest in nature to Weirdos' previous one-off performance art piece with a small cast, Computer Boy that played at the Proud Archivist last year, so anybody who saw that can expect something similar this time around albeit grounded in the world of Only Fools. The show will play at the Museum on Saturday 26th September and tickets can be purchased here.