Something Special For Leicester 2016

There's a play by Alan Ayckbourne, or rather a pair of interconnected plays, entitled House & Garden. They're designed to be performed in adjacent venues simlutaneously and tell one continuous story - when actors leave the stage in House, they enter the stage in Garden and vice versa. I've never seen it, but I like the idea a lot.

This year I performed a one-off bespoke concept show about the Electric Light Orchestra for Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival, which was essentially orchestrated specifically to shatter the dreams of my teenage self by staging an ambitious ELO Musical I wrote when I was 14 and forcing myself to come to terms with the fact that it's not as good as I hoped it might be as a young 'un. Geoff Rowe, who runs the Leicester Comedy Festival, remarked that he "actually really enjoyed it, amazingly." I like the idea of using Leicester not just as a place to do a work-in-progress show to workshop ideas for the Edinburgh Fringe, but as a place to put on something bespoke and specifically catered for the festival to give people something they can't see elsewhere during the year.

Next year, Bob Slayer's Heroes of Fringe programme will be playing in two venues - the Criterion and Bob's BlundaBus which will be parked up outside. The plan is to have the two linked by video screens so audiences in one space can see what's going on in the other.

Therefore, I'm very excited to announce a new project I've set for myself currently under the working title ofJoz Norris: Breakfast Of Champions. It'll be a solo comedy show performed in two adjacent venues simultaneously in which, via multimedia and lots of running, I aim to try and keep two audiences entertained at the same time without the whole thing falling apart around me. At its best, it'll hopefully be a genuinely complex and tightly-written piece of performance art that does something interesting with format and structure and context. At its worst, it'll be a really funny mess, which is actually the kind of thing I do very well. It'll be worth seeing, basically.

It's playing at the Criterion and on the BlundaBus at 2:00pm on Saturday 20th February as part of Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival 2016. This is all subject to confirmation, and I'll release details of how to book tickets and so on as and when more details emerge, but thought I'd announce it now so as to start spreading the word. I reckon with a bit of hard work it'll be something worth getting excited about - it certainly feels like a fun idea, and I'm really excited to see what I can do with it. Spread the word now if you think it sounds fun, and put the date in your diaries.