Only Fools And Horses And Horses And Horses And Horses And Horses

If you didn't manage to make it along to Weirdos Comedy Club's performance art piece Only Fools And Horses And Horses And Horses And Horses And Horses, then shame on you, but the photo below gives you an idea of what you missed. One of the downright oddest things Adam Larter's penned yet, it was enormous fun to be a part of, and only two people walked out in frustration at the fact that it wasn't actually a straight-up tribute to the sitcom. I think the specific point at which they chose to leave was about two minutes into me, as Rodney, screaming while pretending to be descending into Hell, where a naked Andy Barr covered in green paint threw fun-snaps at me and made me play mime badminton. Also, I'd never seen any Only Fools before we started rehearsing and it's genuinely great. I promise to watch more of it now.

Many thanks to the amazing audience who turned out to see our nonsense, and big congrats to Adam, who wrote the whole thing and played Del Boy, and to the rest of the hugely talented cast - Marny Godden as Uncle Albert and Trigger, Gareth Morinan as Boycie and Devil Boycie, Jon Brittain as Marlene and the Geographical Area of Peckham, Letty Butler as Mickey Pearce, Alwin Solanky as Cassandra's Grave and Denzil, Andy Barr as Himself and Christian Brighty as the Nag's Head. Oh, and of course, thanks to Luke Chaproniere. A pleasure to have him back doing the tech for a Weirdos show.

Here is a picture of me, Alwin and Jon playing the titular horses.