The Girl Whisperer Update

Remember back in the summer when I shared those screengrabs of mine and Ralf Little's webseries, The Girl Whisperer? Well it's tantalisingly close to being released! Apologies to those who've been waiting a long time to see it - it's been a very busy summer for all involved, with my focus being on doing Hey Guys! at Edinburgh, while the series' director Giles Alderson has been working tirelessly to make all three episodes look and sound great while also working on a bunch of other shoots and other projects, so major thanks to him for all his amazing hard work. Little Rock themselves, meanwhile, are currently busy in pre-production for a very exciting drama project which I shouldn't reveal anything about as it's not anything to do with me, but from what I've heard about it it should be really very special - I'll share details about it here as soon as it's all out in the open! As such, it's pushed back the release of the series a tiny bit as we all feel it's only worth putting it out when we all have enough time to commit to really making sure it has the biggest impact possible, as it'd be a shame after everybody's hard work to put it out and have it disappear without trace.

That release date is now very close, though! The coming month for me very much involves squirrelling myself away and doing lots of writing, so it's a good time for me to plug something, and we're looking at mid-to-late October for a release. I've seen the final edits and they look great and are, I think, really good fun, so all's ready to go, but we're going to wait just another couple of weeks until Little Rock's drama project has wrapped to maximise the series' impact. In the meantime I'm going to be developing further scripts and treatments for the series, both in the form of more short online episodes and something longer potentially for TV, so we'll see what ends up happening with those.

So with any luck it'll be a project with a big future ahead of it and hopefully one that really pays off everybody's hard work over the last few months. They'll be available here once they're out, so in the meantime please enjoy this picture of me and Harriet Kemsley enjoying a lovely drink in Episode 3.